DFund AI is a platform created for investing in companies that create artificial intelligence models and provide tokenized services. It is also a Web3 decentralized platform where producers or developers can present their AI models to corporate or individual users.

DFund AI allows investors to finance projects in the field of artificial intelligence and provides innovative solutions in the blockchain technology area. This makes it a unique platform that combines two global markets: artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies.

Projects financed through DFund AI must have ready-made artificial intelligence models, organizational structure, and basic capital. This allows investors to ensure the project's prospects and reduces investment risks.

Catalog of Artificial Intelligence Models

DFund AI Marketplace is a centralized catalog of AI models where users can choose the most suitable solutions for their tasks. Also, on the platform, users can conduct testing and analyze user behavior. Manufacturers can promote their models, rent or sell them on the platform, earning additional income.

DFund AI also offers an affiliate marketing program that allows users to receive rewards for inviting new participants to the platform.

Participation conditions in the DFund AI airdrop

DFund AI has launched an airdrop program to attract new users to its platform. This program offers users the opportunity to receive free tokens in exchange for performing simple tasks.

➡️ Airdrop bot for DFund AI 

↪️ Join the DFund AI Telegram channel. (Required » 30 points)

↪️ Subscribe to Twitter DFund AI (Required » 30 points)

↪️ Subscribe to the DFund AI Discord channel. (Optional » 15 points)

↪️ You can perform other tasks on the bot. (Optional » 10 points)

↪️ Enter your information in the airdrop bot.

✏️ Notes: The total airdrop volume is 5000 USDT. The top 50 referrers will be rewarded as follows:

1st place: 375 USDT

2nd place: 270 USDT

3rd place: 150 USDT

From 4th to 50th place: 15 USDT each.

Distribution date: Within 3 days after listing on DEX.

Prospects for DFund AI

DFund AI is a promising project that combines innovative technologies and cryptocurrency, making it interesting for investors and AI model manufacturers. With the hype around artificial intelligence in recent months, good results can be expected once the project's token appears on exchanges.