LimeWire is a cryptocurrency project that was launched in 2022. It is a decentralized file-sharing platform similar to BitTorrent but using blockchain technology. The main idea of LimeWire is that users can share files of any type, including music, movies,

photos, and documents, and receive rewards in the LMWR cryptocurrency. The platform uses P2P protocols for file sharing between users, and blockchain technology ensures the security and transparency of the process.

LimeWire has many advantages:

First, the platform is decentralized, meaning there is no central node of control, making it more secure and resilient to hacker attacks.

Second, blockchain technology ensures transparency and impartiality in the distribution of rewards, which improves user trust in the platform.

Third, users can earn income in the form of LMWR for providing their resources (such as broadband internet) that are used for file sharing.

The LMWR cryptocurrency is the main tool on the LimeWire platform. It is used to pay for access to files and to reward users for providing their resources. Currently, LMWR is traded on the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap.

LimeWire is giving away a total of $1.5 million in LMWR cryptocurrency among the top 4000 referrers. Sign up on their website in the waitlist and invite your friends to win up to 100,000 LMWR.

Step-by-step instructions for participating in the airdrop:

Go to the LimeWire waitlist page. Click on the "Join Waitlist" button. Enter your email address and register. Confirm your email. Start inviting referrals to earn your share of the overall pool. The top referrer will receive 100,000 LMWR, referrers ranking from 2 to 6 will win 50,000 LMWR each, and referrers ranking from 7 to 4000 will receive 100 LMWR and 1 original NFT from LimeWire. Winners will need to go through a KYC process to receive the reward.