The project was created in 2018 in response to the need for a fast and low-fee anonymous coin. The development team, represented by the pseudonyms "Mr. D" and "ArqTras", created Arqma based on the CryptoNote technology and a unique

mining algorithm called RandomARQ.

Advantages of Arqma

As mentioned earlier, Arqma has high transaction speed and low fees. It ensures complete user anonymity by blocking the ability to trace transactions on the network. The coin is seriously protected from hacking attacks due to its unique mining algorithm.

Arqma Investors

Among the ARQ investors are small funds and private investors who see great potential and prospects in this cryptocurrency. In addition, the ARQ community includes developers, miners, users, and other enthusiasts who actively participate in the project's development and popularity.

How to buy and sell Arqma

ARQ is available for purchase and sale on several small exchanges, including TradeOgre, Citex, qTrade, and Stex. To buy ARQ on an exchange, you need to register, go through the KYC procedure, make a deposit, and buy ARQ at the current price.

Arqma Wallets

ARQ can be stored in various wallets, including CLI wallet, paper wallet, web wallet, and Android mobile wallet. Of all the above options, the CLI wallet is considered the most secure and convenient for advanced users.

Can Arqma be mined?

Yes, undoubtedly, ARQ can be mined using CPU and GPU on various algorithms, including RandomX, RandomARQ, and K12. Miners receive a good reward for their contribution to network support and development.

Disadvantages of Arqma and investment risks

Yes, of course, ARQ has its risks and disadvantages, including low liquidity, lack of wide publicity, and the probability of hacking and cyberattacks. Therefore, investing in this cryptocurrency can be associated with high risks and should be carried out after careful analysis of the market situation.

Arqma prospects in 2023, 2024

With the development of the network and the expansion of the ARQ community, the cryptocurrency has great prospects for the future. Price forecasts for ARQ suggest significant growth in the next few years, making it an interesting object for investment. But it is desirable to do this with a small part of the deposit, as this coin does not have a large capitalization.

This material is not financial advice. Be careful when trading in the cryptocurrency market.