Distributions of free tokens from various projects are one of the ways to get cryptocurrency for free. However, there is a risk of falling into a fraudulent airdrop where scammers can gain access to your personal data or even steal your funds. Before

participating in an airdrop:

  1. Check the project information The first step to avoid fraud is to check the project information. Look at the whitepaper on the project's website and study its business model. Also, look at how the project is positioned in the cryptocurrency market. It's important to make sure that the ecosystem has a clear long-term perspective.

  2. Check the team information The second step is to check the team information. Find out who is behind the project and what their reputation is. Study the profiles of key team members on social networks and professional networks such as LinkedIn. Review their list of achievements and work experience in the cryptocurrency industry. Also, find out if the project has partners or investors, and who they are.

  3. Check the information about the exchange where the cryptocurrency is traded Make sure that the cryptocurrency you receive as part of the airdrop is actually traded or will be traded on a cryptocurrency exchange. Study the reputation and make sure it is licensed and meets security standards. Don't forget to also check reviews of the exchange on cryptocurrency forums and communities.

  4. Beware if the conditions for participating in the free distribution are too favorable It's also important to pay attention to suspicious signs. If you are offered too favorable conditions for participating in an airdrop, it may be a sign of fraud. Be particularly careful if you are offered to send coins to receive double the amount later. In 99.9% of cases, the sent cryptocurrency does not return to your wallet.

Avoid suspicious projects, search for information about the project, team, and exchange where the cryptocurrency is traded, and be careful when sending cryptocurrency. If you follow these simple rules, you can avoid fraud in cryptocurrency airdrops and keep your funds safe.